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C.E. Juncker

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Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
(C.E. Juncker)
This Knights Cross was manufactured by the firm C.E. Juncker which was situated in Berlin. Juncker were one of the early manufacturers along with Steinhauer & Lück. As you can see it is marked '800' for silver content and 'L/12' for the LDO code of Juncker. This meant that this cross was originally made to be sold as a private purchase but rules put in place in 1941 forbide high awards being sold in private outlets. All RK's had to be handed in to a central office that controlled replacements and additonal purchases. As this rule came to be in 1941 it is reasonable to assume that this cross was made in 1941 and after that date there would have been no reason to mark with LDO codes.
Juncker made RK's can also be found with non-magnetic cores and/or non-silver marked frames, only '800' and '800' '2'.
This cross comes with it's original case and ribbon. The ribbon loop is also marked '800'.