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Pilot/Observer Badge (Unmarked)
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Combined Pilot and Observer Badge
(Gemeinsames Flugzeugführer-u. Beobachterabzeichen)

The Pilot/Observer Badge was instituted in January 1935, and was awarded to those who had qualified as both a pilot and an observer.
This badge was identical to the Pilots Badge except that the wreath was gilt and the eagle silver.
For a list of manufacturers please go to the page on the Pilots Badge.

Unmarked Pilot Observer Badge

Unmarked Pilot Observer Badge

This Pilot/observer badge (second type) follows the same design as the pilot's badge except for the colouring.
This badge is in virtually mint condition and shows no wear. It is beautifully finished with the wreath a high quality matt gilt finish with burnished highlights. The eagle is heavily silver plated which is then frosted and the highlights polished.
The badge displays no maker mark, and has a style of hinge more often referred to as the 'kriegsmarine type'. It is not known who produced these badges as none have ever been seen with a makers mark.