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AG/RO Badge (Assmann Alu)

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Radio Operator Badge in Alu

This Radio operator/Air gunner badge is manufactured by F.W. Assmann of Lüdenscheld. An early piece, probably pre-war, totally made from aluminium (except the pin) with the top of the swastika segmented. These are incredbly fragile pieces with the weak points being the rivets and catch. Usually the rivets have worked loose and had to be repaired and/or the catch too. This one is in excellent condition though. Probably not taken out of the case much.


Another example by Assmann of Lüdenscheld. An very early piece, probably pre-war, made from tombac with the top of the swastika segmented. The detail is superb especially in the eagle's body. It looks like the awardee had bent the catch in this way to secure the pin better. The Assmann 'A' logo can be seen on the reverse  at the left hand side, just below the rivet.