Luftwaffe Qualification Badges and The Iron Cross 1939

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Welcome to my Collection

The format of this site will provide brief historical information on the type of badge, followed by examples from my own collection. Where I do not own an example one will be shown, with permission, from another collection.

If you're new to collecting, I hope you find this interesting, and please bear in mind the following points:

Research:- This is essential if you are to avoid the plethora of reproductions available today. Arm yourself with as many reference books as possible, but also remember the perfect reference book has not yet been written but we are getting there.

Buy from reliable sources:- Ask other collectors which dealers are trustworthy and which dealers to avoid. Just because they may offer a lifetime guarantee and 100% original items doesn't mean this is the case. A dealer can disappear tomorrow and your lifetime guarantee means nothing. There are great dealers out there; it's just a matter of finding them.

Join discussion forums:- There is a wealth of information available from these and quite often other members are at the forefront of collecting with many decades of experience behind them.

Inquire:- Do not be afraid of asking questions!

As I said earlier, research is important. If you're not happy with a particular item then walk away because you'll never enjoy the piece as there will always be a nagging doubt as to its authenticity every time you look at it.

Finally, it is highly likely that you will buy a reproduction at some stage, but don't let that deter you. We've all been there, it's a pitfall of this hobby but it will also bring valuable experience for the next time.

Check out my links page for some of my recommendations.

Good luck!

(July 2001)

I've always had an interest in military history and began collecting medals in my late teens. I diversified, to also include helmets and tunics but when I realised how much storage space these took up I decided to focus on decorations.

I try to obtain decorations in the best possible condition and my aim is to have at least one of every combat decoration, or qualification badge that was issued, during the Third Reich period, 1933 - 1945. The reality of this happening is slim due the huge financial costs of obtaining rarer items, but I'll try my best!

I also collect items from Imperial Germany, mostly the EK1 1914 and EK2 medal bars.
(Addendum: My collecting focus has changed over the past few years. Now my focus is Luftwaffe awards, Iron Cross family and combat helmets. I have amended my website to reflect this but have not added helmets as my preference is to keep this orientated on awards only.  April 2005)