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Glider Badge

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One of the most rare of the Luftwaffe badges, the Glider Pilot's badge was instituted on December 16, 1940, and was awarded to pilots who successfully completed the glider training course. The badge was took the form of most Luftwaffe badges but with a little variation. Instead of the wreath being one halt laurel and the other oak leaves, the entire wreath was oak leaves. Like the Radio Operator and Air Gunner badges the wreath had a swastika mounted at the base. The swastika can be found segmented top and bottom or solid. A blacked/blued eagle is riveted to the wreath by one rivet through each wing and the rivet style varies with each manufacturer. The eagle takes the form of a eagle gliding with its legs close to the body. The claws are spaced and well detailed, as is the badge as a whole. There are 2 types or styles found where the 2nd type has a larger eagle. Why the style change is unknown, unless it could be attributed to a specific manufacturer.

Like all Luftwaffe badges, the materials and quality of manufacturer suffered as the war progressed. Earlier examples will be found in high quality tombak while the later badges are found in zinc. A variety of hinges and catches can be found and these also reflect the time period in which the badge was manufactured. Like all Luftwaffe badges it can also be found in cloth and embroidered wire. The award was worn on the left breast pocket of the tunic, below the Iron Cross 1st Class or any other existing bravery award.

A list of known manufacturers are :
C.E.Juncker, Berlin
Bruder Schnieder, Wien
Unmarked (but attributed to one of the above makers)

(Strangely Assmann, JMME and B&NL are not known makers even though they were big manufacturers of Luftwaffe badges. Again, like all other Luftwaffe badge, the Glider badge came in dark blue box whose bottom lid was composed of a blue velvet or flocking and the inner top lid padded in either blue silk or paper. The name of the award was stencilled in gold on the outer-top part of the case. )