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Pilot Badge

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Pilot Badge
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The Pilots Badge was instituted in August 1935, early examples are of the highest quality and the materials used, throughout its manufactured lifetime varied from nickel silver to aluminium to zinc.
The Pilots Badge is finished with a dark, oxidized eagle and silver wreath which is sometimes found with a frosted finish and polished highlights. Later badges used silver wash over the zinc base metal, then being lacquered to protect the finish.
Not that many manufacturers were licensed to make this badge; the following is a list of those known:

C.E.Juncker (1st Pattern)                       Bruder Schnieder AG Wien
C.E.Juncker (2nd Pattern)                      F.W. Assmann (1st Pattern)
B & N L                                                  F.W. Assmann (2nd Pattern)
IMME/JMME                                           F.W. Assmann (2nd Pattern, Alu)
Wilhem Deumer                                    GWL
OM                                                        Unmarked unknown maker