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Para Badge

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The Parachutist Badge was instituted in November 1935, and was awarded to those who had successfully completed paratrooper jump training.
The badge consisted of a diving, gilded eagle on a darkened, silver wreath. Early examples were of the highest quality - silver plate wreaths and fire-gilt bronze eagles. As with most badges, as the war progressed, the materials became scarce and inferior metals were used, such as zinc.

The badge was worn on the left breast tunic pocket, below the EK1, if awarded.

Several manufacturers were licensed to produce this badge, their logo is usually found on the reverse of the eagle:

C.E. Juncker, Berlin SW
IMME & Sohn Berlin
W.Deumer, Lüdenscheid
G.W.L. (Gebrüder Wegerhoff, Lüdenscheid)
G.H. Osang, Dresden
P. Meybauer, Berlin
B&NL (Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid)
A (Assmann & Sohn, Lüdenscheid)