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Ground Assault Badge

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The Ground Assault badge was introduced in March 1942 and was to recognise Luftwaffe personnel who took part in ground operations, directly against the enemy.
This badge was to replace the Infantry Assault and General Assault badges if these had already been awarded. The old award was returned and the Ground Assault badge presented.
Criteria for the award was :
Involvement in three separate engagements on separate days.
Being awarded a decoration in an engagement.
Being wounded or killed in an engagement.

The award came in either a cardboard box or a paper envelope with the name of the award stamped on the front.
Early badges were of superior construction but generally of zinc. The eagle was separately applied and riveted from the back. The finish included blued clouds, lightning strike and mountains, whereas the wreath and eagle were silvered and frosted with the highlights polished.
Later awards can be found as one piece strikes with poor finishing and the bluing replaced with blue paint.
A list of known makers are: